Monday, May 12, 2008


These days I am hearing a lot about virtualization and how organizations are adopting to it for harware cost reductions. I knew about Virtual PC which is nice product from microsoft(as well as free too). Virtual PC is a nice option if you are going to use windows operating systems inside virtual machines.
But while trying running linux(ubuntu) inside virtual PC I faced lot of issues and even could not succeed in installing it.
Then I came to know about virtual box which is recently acquired by sun. I gave a try to install linux (ubuntu 8.04) and without any issues I was able to do that. So for trying linux as VM i prefer virtual box over virtual PC.
One of the drawback of virtual box is that I am not able to add existing machines although I can add existing hard disks. More over , enable undo disk ( a very helpful feature) seems to be missing.
I will further try and post more about it.

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