Thursday, January 17, 2008

Face Recognition In Lenovo

Lenovo has launched notebooks which have face recognition feature. This feature enables you to login by just showing your face and does not nee typing the password.
When one of my friend bought lenono we were just experimenting with face recognition feature.
Suddenly i thought of an idea. Was it possible to login by just showing the face photograph of the registered user. Well, we went ahead and put the photograph of my friend in front of its camera. His face was registered in lenove face recognition software.
And we were surprised! yes we could login using the photograph. This makes me scared to use this feature at all.
What do you think? Maybe lenovo listenes and fixes this flaw in their algorithm.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flaw in On Screen Keyboard provided on Bank Sites

There was one time when key-logging softwares were used to on public computers to steal bank account passwords. Now in order to provide security against keyloggers; banks have come up with the idea of on screen keyboards. These allows user to select the characters from on screen keyboard rather than typing them.
But I think that this new on screen keyboard scheme is more prone to attack as compared to keylogger.
How? Well. someone can install a camera. Or there are softwares which can record user activity in video file. Also when you select a character from a on screen keyboard, a sound is generated. A combination of video showing your mouse movements and click sounds can reveal your password.
So moral of the story is; never, never acces your bank's site on a public computer.

Monday, January 7, 2008

My First Post

Ok, I have created my blog and started writing. But what to wrote?
Well, I start with my introduction.
Name: Nikhil Gupta; Twenty Four year old! ohhh, more than 20 years passed but still feel childish.
My interests, computers, computers and computers.. I love to do experiments( most of them are just dumb) with my computer. But after each experiment, I definitely learn a thing or two. The primary purpose is to pass the time.
I wandered that this can be useful for others. So I have created my own blog to share my findings about softwares, phones and other web based services that I have tried, the problems i have faced.
If my posts prove helpful, my goal is achieved.
That's all for now. Keep visiting..........