Thursday, March 13, 2008


There is one email service beyond gmail, yahoomail and hotmail and better than all of these. It has really features that can save lot of time.

What's good:
1. 5GB of space.
2. Folders as well as labels. cool!
3. Integrated storage with email space. You can attach files from you storage or you can save attachemnts to your storage.
4. Conversations like gmail. you can turn on or off this feature.
5. pop3 access for free.
6. A very nice contact manager.
7. Notes, calender.
8. No Ads. Wow!
9. less popular so you have high chance of getting desired email address. I got.

whats not so good:
1. no chat like gmail.
2. space is less than others emails like gmail or yahoo.

Its really worth a service to try. url is

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